Two bros new in skydiving, fascinated by the sport, its people and expierences, furthermore impressed by the technology got equipped with their own skydive systems. First winter season kept us grounded and left us with the question which the best way for safe-keeping our sports equipment would be. The market only offeres the following options: A heavy-duty coat-hanger and a simple T-crossbarThe problem with both of these options is that the skydiving system gets heaviliy loaded especially at the shoulder harness. So we started thinking about a more suitable solution. The “natural habitat” of the harness-container-system is, of course, on a skydivers back while having an awesome time in the sky.
team grounded



The grounded wallR is the advanced skydive rig wall mount innovation. Due to the “seating position” of the container harness system the design distributs the weight forces upon the big contacting surface to the seat. This effects […]

Endure airworthyness
Optimized storage position ensures long lifetime of airworthyness
Avoids malfunction caused by high or continous strain
Position grants steady loading which avoids high force tension on certain areas or components
Safe Keeping
Advanced safe keeping of your Skydive Gear suspend preventable accidents

Save space while keeping your gear safe! And grounded solutions are by far the most representative way to demonstrate a rig – no matter if in a showroom of equipment manufacturer and gear stores, at the DZ or the hangar of special forces, or even in living rooms of proud skydivers.


space-saving gear safe-keeping

Teamgrounded innovations help to increase air safety and to reduce emergency situations. Using grounded TPS technology prevents malfunctions in effect of heavy forces on the shoulder harness. Due to proper storage there is no tension appearing at cutaway mechanism and RSL.

Increasing air safety through load elimination on cutaway mechanism and RSL

Teamgrounded advanced skydive gear technologies are designed for optimized safe keeping while beeing grounded. The prevention of negative leverage such as mechanical forces, Radiation especially UV, simple dust, dirt or hair or peaks of moist or drought (AC), is our main goal.

Extension of harness and container air lifetime


Blue Skies Magazine interviewed team grounded

Team Grounded and their fancy rig racks Surfing the internet recently, the stylish rig racks from Team Grounded caught our attention. Having unceremoniously stored our rigs mostly in gearbags and closets, we were intrigued by […]

Manufacturer Custody Recommendations for Parachutes in Harness-Container-System

Intro We all do love our toys and we want to keep it safe, clean and always ready for the next jump. Either to increase the life expactancy of our skydive equipment or to keep […]

grounded Three-Point-Seating TPS System

The Issue Most common storage device for Skydive Harness-Container-Systems is a simple crossbar-tubing. With an avg. tube diameter of 50mm (~2″) a BigBoy Rig with 40mm belts load mechanically on a gross support surface about 65cm² (~10 […]

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