Blue Skies Magazine interviewed team grounded

Team Grounded and their fancy rig racks Surfing the internet recently, the stylish rig racks from Team Grounded caught our attention. Having unceremoniously stored our rigs mostly in gearbags and closets, we were intrigued by […]

grounded Three-Point-Seating TPS System

The Issue Most common storage device for Skydive Harness-Container-Systems is a simple crossbar-tubing. With an avg. tube diameter of 50mm (~2″) a BigBoy Rig with 40mm belts load mechanically on a gross support surface about 65cm² (~10 […]


Two bros new in skydiving, fascinated by the sport, its people and expierences, furthermore impressed by the technology got equipped with their own skydive systems. First winter season kept us grounded and left us with […]